Ever since childhood, Shahkaela's family has always had dogs. Her mother began to breed Newfoundland dogs while they lived in Australia and continued their breeding when they came to Sweden.

In 2001, the family bought their first Briard, a bitch namned Mc Marra's Mazetti XII "Sasha".  
It was with this bitch that Shahkaela started competing junior handling with. They never got any big success but Shahkaela learned a lot from competing with her. During the years she competed in  junior handling she saw her chances of testing as many breeds as she could. In that way, she learned a lot about dogs and the different breeds. Her last year competing, she came in 6th place in the Swedish Championship.

Shahkaela acquired her first Newfoundland 2004, Top Bear's Ysorica ​"Belle". From that day they became inseparable.
Belle was shown actively until she was about 2 years old when she suffered from severe allergies that gave her skin and fur complications and had to spend most of her time in a short haircut until her passing in 2009.
It was when Belle no longer could enter any dog shows  Shahkaela decided that she wanted to focus on the handling carrier.

In the summer of 2006 she won the Gold Cup Final * with Spring Creek's Duncan "Monty" (the father of Belle), about 200 dogs was entered that year.

Stora Stockholm 2006*, she won the group with Lad's Overture of Four Season "Cilla", a bitch who was owned by one of Shahkaela's closest friends Christian Mattsson. Cilla was the first Newfoundland dog to win the group at this show. In the BIS finale they came to a split 6th place.
After these wins, Shahkaela was given a chance to show several dogs to champions / BOB / BOS.

Through the Newfoundland dogs Shahkaela had get to known a man named Jouni Heinämäki several years earlier. At that time he had a small breeding of Newfoundland dogs which he later on ended so he could join Marjut Peiponen breeding Siberian Huskys. Both Marjut and Jouni thought a Siberian Husky would fit Shahkaela perfectly.

So said and done, summer 2011 came her first husky, Bedarra No Snow No Go "Nike".
Now a little more than 6 years later, another 3 Siberian Huskys has moved into her home.

In 2016 she received the honor of taking over the kennel prefix "Bedarra" from their mentor Marjut Peiponen. The summer of 2017 her very own breeding litter was born.

Animals have always laid Shahkaela warm on the heart, so the choice of profession was not that difficult as she now works at a veterinary clinic in Lund.

* Gold Cup is a Newfoundland special that takes place in Denmark and is held annually with dogs registered from all over Europe
*Stora Stockholm, is a big Swedish winner show in December.