A friend once quoted,
"Handling is an art form. Some have perfected it, many will never learn it."


Ever since I was a litte girl I have always found the joy of showing dogs. To be abel to show the dogs to its best advantages.
At the age of 13 I started to compete in junior handling, something I did until the year I turned 17. I had a few wins during these years, but my maingoal was to tryout and learn as many breeds as I could. That gave me an opportunity to show breeds from almost every group.

Still today I´m very thankfull to all the owners who very kindly lended me their dogs and for all my teachers I have had along the way. Thank you!

Today I show most of my own dogs at dog shows, but now and again I get the chance to show other dogs.
Once a week I teach a class how to show your dog . Besides my weekly classes I also have had a few seminars in the subject "Advanced Dog Show Handling".
I´m also a certified ring stewardess and junior handling judge.

If you are looking for a handler for your dog or a teacher, you are more then welcome to contact me at,